Robin Gregory, is a Melbourne based crime author.

Robin loves inventing characters that bring about justice. Her work as a counsellor and with victims of crime provides plenty of real-life material to draw on. She knows first-hand that most victims of crime never feel a sense of justice, even if the perpetrators are caught and prosecuted.

She’s fascinated by crime in all its facets. She’s intrigued by how ordinary people slip into the dark side. Living in a city where crime is only a few steps away, is a subject that Robin explores in her writing.

In her own life, Robin has ridden bareback, picked coffee beans for the Nicaraguan revolution and trekked the Inca Trail. She regularly travels vicariously, through her weekly Spanish classes, though she has journeyed to Spain and Latin America and occasionally ventures to other lands.

Robin lives with her long-term partner and an unpredictable black cat in inner-city Melbourne.