Traffic, the first crime novel in the Sandi Kent Mystery series, is now available. Buy now.

Front cover of the novel Traffic. Image of Melbourne's Art Centre at night with the image of young woman's face superimposed.

In Traffic, feisty Private Investigator, Sandi Kent, is hired by her volatile ex-girlfriend, to rescue a sex slave from an inner-city brothel. As she investigates a parallel murder case, Sandi becomes embroiled in a criminal syndicate that propels lives into risk, including her own.

A review from award-winning crime author Sandi Wallace:

Traffic is a cracker of a debut by Robin Gregory. It is the first book starring Melbourne private investigator Sandi Kent, and just because we spell our names the same isn’t why I liked her character…a lot. She’s a woman with conscience, unable to say no to two complicated cases that land in her lap just before Christmas. Sandi’s instincts that she should’ve said no to both prove right when it becomes obvious that she’s been drawn into the world of human trafficking and is up against a mob of dangerous characters.

The story is contemporary, yet the style is reminiscent of the good ol’ PI books of an earlier era when Kinsey Millhone and others prevailed. As we dash around Melbourne with Sandi, we get to know her. She’s living hand to mouth, has got a messy family but a loving cat, is looking for Ms Perfectly Good Enough and her very likeable best friend Stew has a similarly problematic personal life. I’m looking forward to more instalments in this series.

A short story featuring Sandi Kent, was short-listed with special commendation in the Sisters in Crime Scarlet Stiletto Awards.

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